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Adolescents and HIV: Definitions and age disaggregation

There are very high rates of HIV infection among adolescents in eastern and southern Africa.

To improve this situation, we need detailed evidence on adolescents. In particular we need a clear understanding of the needs of different sub-groups of adolescents. However, disaggregation of adolescent data by age and other factors is limited and this presents a serious obstacle to scaling up more targeted, and therefore effective, interventions.

EHPSA commissioned MannionDaniels to review current definitions of adolescents, the way adolescent data is disaggregated, and to make recommendations for policy and programming.

Evidence Briefs

Adolescents and HIV: Defining adolescents, (2pp) Read…

Adolescents and HIV: Age disaggregation, (2pp) Read

The full report

EHPSA Critical Review. Adolescents and HIV: Definitions and disaggregation, (45pp). Read…

The discussion paper

Adolescents and HIV: Definitions and disaggregation, (17pp). Read...

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