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Monday, 09 November 2015 13:25

Policy influence workshop

by Josee Koch, Technical Lead

Unlike many other research programmes, EHPSA does not wait for final research results to be out before considering what impact they may have on the policy and practice of HIV prevention. Thus it was that in October EHPSA research grantees gathered in Johannesburg to discuss and agree on the “policy influence” objectives of their research.

The meeting was refreshing in several ways.

Firstly, the facilitation team worked through several tools that can help with contextual analysis, problem analysis and objective setting. Most group work was completed by the grantees in their specific EHPSA vulnerable group, i.e. adolescents, MSM and prisoners.

Secondly, there was a mutual "eureka" moment, when the group arrived at the objective setting stage and realised that more thought would have to be put into clarifying and sharpening their objectives.

Thirdly, instead of developing a fully-fledged policy influence plan, the meeting concluded that most of the ground work had already been completed and that it would be much better for the studies to develop a detailed stakeholder engagement plan, highlighting a range of opportunities along the research spectrum and timeline.

The underlying strategy is that early, responsible and continuous engagement will be used to increase the chance of uptake on the research findings when these are finalised in 2018.

Each study will finalise their plans before the end of November and innovative monitoring and learning will be attached to the efforts to ensure that EHPSA captures and shares the progress at regional level.

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