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Presentations 2018

EHPSA-funded researchers presented findings throughout the conference.

  • The case for social protection for HIV-Positive Children on antiretroviral treatment in Eastern and Southern Africa Panel. Gittings, L. Toska, E. Cluver, L. Hodes, R. Zungu, M, Mzantsi Wakho
  • Preventing HIV in young women in Africa – the importance of social protection, Prof Lucie Cluver, Mzantsi Wakho
  • Acceptability of an HIV Prevention package among young people, Dr Kwame Shanaube, PopART for Youth, P-ART-Y
  • Devil’s medicine or complementary care? Biomedical beliefs and practices amongst traditional health practitioners in South Africa. Lesley Gittings, Mzantsi Wakho
  • Filling the gaps: What evidence is there that a holistic approach to children, families and communities can maximise testing, treatment and care, Prof Lucie Cluver, Mzantsi Wakho
  • The third generation of HIV: World first longitudinal study of pregnancy in adolescents living with HIV, Dr Elona Toska, Mantsi Wakho
  • Psychosocial wellbeing of adolescent girls and young women, Dr Elona Toska, Mzantsi Wakho
  • Case studies from AHISA members, Dr Nora Rosenberg, Girl Power
  • Integrated youth-friendly health services lead to substantial improvements in uptake of HIV testing, condoms, and hormonal contraception among adolescent girls and young women in Malawi, Dr Nora Rosenberg, Girl Power. Read...
  • 90-90-48: The reality of viral suppression among ART-initiated adolescents in South Africa. Roxanna Haghighat, Mzantsi Wakho. Read...
  • Socio-structural protection from internalised HIV stigma among South African adolescents living with HIV, Dr Marija Pantelic, Mzantsi Wakho. Read...
  • Integrating gender-based violence screening and support into HIV counselling and testing for adolescent girls and young women accessing PrEP in South Africa and Tanzania - experiences from the EMPOWER study,Dr Manuela Colombini, EMPOWER. Read...
  • Empowerment clubs did not increase PrEP continuation among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa and Tanzania – Results from the EMPOWER randomised trial, Dr Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, EMPOWER. Read...
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