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Symposium, 2016

EHPSA Regional Symposium

Cape Town, 21-22 September 2016

The overall objective of the symposium was to provide a platform for EHPSA funded research institutions and key stakeholders to engage collectively on the concept of Evidence into Action (EiA), with the aim of strengthening the regional impact of EHPSA’s EiA approaches.

The meeting was attended by 64 EHPSA researchers and regional policy makers. It was opened by Dr Pierre Somse, UNAIDS Deputy Regional Director and EHPSA Advisory Board Chair.

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Challenges relating to EiA and HIV policy making
Josee Koch, EHPSA Technical Lead, Evidence into Action (EiA)
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EHPSA's approach to EiA
Josee Koch
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Evidence-based policymaking, lessons from experience
Ajoy Datta, ODI
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Cross-cutting critical reviews, Catrine Shroff, NCC
Resource allocation to HIV prevention for key populations (KPs); Research agendas and research priorities for KPs; Role of civil society in creating positive changes for KPs
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